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Financial and Budget Information

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  • Constituents pay for their government and deserve to know how it spends their money.  Real County is committed to financial transparency.  County Officials make every effort to open the County's books to the public and provide a clear, consistent picture of spending with detailed information on how tax dollars are allocated and spent.  This information is provided online in an easily accessible, user-friendly format with features that allow taxpayers to easily drill down for more detailed information.  Real County's objective is to build trust among all constituents by posting financial information online and allowing many records to be freely accessible, rather than requiring the public to file information requests to obtain the information.  Opening the County's books invites citizens to comment on spending decisions and become involved in the decision-making process, which is a key ingredient of democracy.

    Transparency is a broad term that, quite literally, means something that can be seen through.  Transparency ensures that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently by ensuring all decisions are made in the open an on the record.  Technology - and the web in particular - has changed the expectations for customer service and government transparency at all levels.  In a computer- and Internet-based society, the government can no longer justify the money and time required to print reports.  Publishing information online means no postage, no waiting for the mail, up-to-date documents and worldwide accessibility.  Transparency should not be confused with sharing confidential information.  Real County posts financial information while still being sensitive to the protection of information deemed confidential by law.

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  • 2023     0.5300
    2022     0.5300
    2021     0.5161
    2020     0.5161                                    

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Debt Information

Real County has no current bond debt or other outstanding debt in lieu of bond.  The Real County Judge has signed a pledge to post on the county's website, information about any proposed bond package(s) and existing debt and provide the Comptroller's Office with a link to this information no later than one business day after the public notice of the bond election.  The pledge can be found here.

The Texas Comptroller website about transparency in government, including local debt is a one-stop source to collect all available information on local government finances in our state, including the existing and proposed debt of cities, counties, school and hospital districts and hundreds of special-purposed districts throughout Texas.

Visual Representation of Financial Data

Charts depicting Real County's projected revenues and expenses for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 can be found here.

Other Financial Information

Additional reports are available on the County Treasurer's webpage.