Texas Counties Deliver
County Treasurer

Honorable Mairi Gray

Courthouse Annex
193 South US Hwy 83
PO Box 69
Leakey, TX  78873

Phone: 830-232-6627
Fax: 830-232-6681


Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's monthly report shows the beginning and ending balances of the county's operating accounts in the previous month, the amounts to be paid as of the report date, the dedicated funds held by the county, and the county's emergency reserves.

Treasurer Report November 2021

Utility Bills

A list of the county's monthly utility bills for the current fiscal year can be found here.

Vendor Payments

Vendor Invoices are due in the County Treasurer's Office no later than 5 days prior to Commissioners Court.  Checks are usually issued the same day as approved by Commissioners Court. 

Vendors wishing to pick up their payment should make arrangements in advance of the scheduled payment date.